<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/14/68/31/76/19/180821064460.jpg?t=1545223676"><br>BUSINESS AND REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: Long established, very profitable Lehigh Valley business with real estate for sale. Business operates in both commercial & residential window-treatment industries. Take advantage of our booming commercial construction market, growing residential market as sales volumes push higher, & add highly co-related product opportunities to expand both gross sales and net revenue. Operating from centrally located offices with custom showroom, material receiving and processing areas, and private offices, this one-story concrete-block building is easily re-configured to suit your growth opportunity requirements. Business sale includes business name/signage, past customer database, existing website presence, all equipment, fixtures, furniture & inventory, a company logo-ed delivery van, and several weeks of training/support from the current owners. Ideal opportunity for an energetic person or team of two to take control of your future with your own business.<br>